ENGINEERED GASKETS For Sealing, Insulating & Sound Solutions Our goal is to provide your company with exceptional value,
fantastic service and in-depth industry expertise.
CONVERTING EXPERTS Capable of lowering your costs. Our goal is to source the right gasket materials with the most
efficient processing and logistics to create maximum price value.
RAPID PROTOTYPING Quick turnaround for custom shapes & samples. Our goal, using die-less cutting technology, is to go from print to part
in 24 hours getting you samples without tooling costs or long lead times.
TRUSTED ADVISORS To help you manage & grow your business. Our goal is to utilize our in-depth industry experience to assist you
with ongoing projects, problem solving and 24/7 customer support.
TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN To Streamline Your Customer Experience. Our goal is to provide critical vendor information to you exactly when
you need it, keeping you informed and maximizing your time.
QUALITY MATERIALS To Enhance Your Products Performance. Our goal is to help you select the right gasket material to improve
the seal, insulation value or sound quality of your product.