Dense Rubber Products

Dense Rubber Products

Zone Enterprises offers a full line of dense rubber products in a broad range of elastomers, durometers and sizes. Supplied as die-cut parts, extrusions, sheets, rolls or molded goods, dense rubber is used in a variety of applications where durability and protection is required. Ideal for gaskets and seals, dense rubber materials are great at resisting physical abrasions and can endure in both indoor and outdoor environments for extended periods of time. Common industries using dense rubber products include: automotive, electronics, fluid power, window and door, food, military, and oil and gas.

Material Types Include

  • EPDM
  • SBR

Our Dense Rubber:

ASTM D2000:
The most common general classification system for dense rubber is the American Society of Testing and Materials D2000 (ASTM D2000) standard. The purpose of this classification system is to aid in the selection of rubber products for specific environments. Rubber materials are designated by type (heat resistance) and class (oil resistance). Zone Enterprises can work with you to determine the proper commercial or industrial grade dense rubber material per ASTM D2000 for your application.

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