Tapes & Adhesives

Tapes & Adhesives

Leverage over a century of expertise with Zone Enterprises Tape, your premier partner for cutting-edge adhesive and non-adhesive tape solutions. Enhance productivity and streamline operations with tailor-made tape products designed specifically for your manufacturing requirements. Save costs by optimizing bonding applications to suit your environment. Our extensive experience encompasses the development of pressure-sensitive, heat-activated, and non- adhesive films and tapes. Collaborating with product designers, engineers, and purchasers, we specialize in custom conversions, fabrications, and prototypes to meet your unique bonding needs. Trust us to deliver innovative adhesive tape applications and solutions, backed by three decades of industry leadership.

About Our Adhesives:

Acrylic-based adhesives generally exhibit lower initial tack and achieve ultimate adhesion 24-72 hours following application. Compared to rubber‑based adhesives, acrylics offer higher resistance and better long‑term performance, support higher temperatures and are recommended for outdoor use.

Zone stocks both solvent acrylic and hot melt rubber-based PSAs in a variety of sizes and types. Our PSA’s are available in supported and unsupported formats. PET or tissue supported adhesives add dimensional stability to your substrate while unsupported PSA conforms well to irregular surfaces. All Zone Enterprises’ PSAs come standard with a moisture-proof, stay flat release liner.

Additionally, Zone carries a line of mounting and foam tapes that exhibit exceptional “holding power” and can satisfy a broad range of application needs. To learn more about our line of pressure sensitive adhesive, please click here.

To get immediate assistance, contact our customer service or engineering departments for more information on the best product for your application.