Sponge & Expanded Rubber Products

Sponge & Expanded Rubber Products

Zone Enterprises offers a full line of open cell sponge and closed cell expanded rubber products. Supplied as die-cut parts, foam tapes, rolls or extrusions, cellular materials are ideal for sealing, insulating or vibration dampening applications. Widely used in automotive, HVAC/R, construction and various other industries, Zone offers a wide range of materials including: Nitrile/Vinyl, EPDM, Neoprene and Silicone. Products can be formulated to be mold, mildew and moisture resistant, as well as, produced to meet various industry specifications such UL, E-84 or ASTM test methods. Available in various densities and thicknesses, either skin-2-sides, skin-1-side or skived, Zone can select the right product with the right performance and aesthetic characteristics for your application.

Most commonly referenced for this product family is the American Society for Testing Materials D1056 (ASTM D1056)

Sponge Rubber Classification Chart – ASTM-D1056

Type Class Grade Number Suffix
Pounds per square inches (PSI) required to deflect a sample 25% of its height. Suffix letters are used to indicate the tests met by the compounds. In a line callout, the numbers following the suffix letters indicate test parameters or the particular conditions related to the suffix.
1 = open-cell
2 = closed-cell
A = non oil‑resistant(e.g. EPDM)
B = oil-resistant, low oil swelling (e.g. Nitrile)
C = oil-resistant, medium oil swelling (e.g. Neoprene)
D = resistant to extreme temperatures (e.g. Silicone)
0 = < 2 PSI
1 = 2-5 PSI
2 = 5-9 PSI
3 = 9-13 PSI
4 = 13-17 PSI
5 = 17-25 PSI
A = Heat Resistance
B = Compression Set
C = Ozone or Weather Resistance
D = Compression-Deflection Resistance
E = Fluid Resistance
F = Low Temperature Resistance
G = Tear Resistance
J = Abrasion Resistance
K = Adhesion
L = Water Absorption
M = Flammability Resistance
N = Impact Resistance
P = Staining Resistance
R = Resilience
W = Density
Z = Special Requirements

Complete data on physical properties of products are available upon request. This data and information are intended as guides only. Performance may vary within a rubber category depending on the compounds available. Suffix numbers that follow the suffix letter denote different testing parameters or conditions for that suffix.