Sealants, Butyl/Foils & Cork Tapes

Sealants, Butyl/Foils & Cork Tapes

Zone Enterprises offers a wide selection of sealing and sound dampening sealants, butyl/foils and cork tape materials. Commonly used in Automotive, HVAC, appliance, and other industrial markets. Zone sealants, butyls and cork tape products can be manufactured in numerous grades, colors and sizes, and are presented either diecut, kiss-cut or supplied in rolls or sheets.


Acoustic Comfort
Requirements for comfort in the car interior are constantly increasing. Among other measures, damping of body borne noise is essential to achieve a high level of acoustic comfort. High performance butyl and sealant materials from Zone can be applied to the car body to avoid vibration of the metal sheets. Our materials, fully adapted to customers’ needs in terms of damping characteristics, thickness and application areas in the car body, guarantee excellent efficiency and thus optimized costs.

Areas of Application:

Zone’s butyl and sealant damping materials can be / are applied inside the car body. All areas subject to vibration (I.e. firewall, floor panels, trunk compartment panels, wheel arches, roof, doors and hatches). Zone offers differing technologies for sound damping solutions throughout the vehicle.

Common material options include:

  • Butyl Sealers – Provides sound dampening and improves acoustics
  • Panel Stiffeners – Used to reduce or eliminate noise, vibration & harshness
  • Expandable Sealers – Used for roof bow bonding, pillar filler, fuel filler gasket & acoustics
  • Melt Patch Sealers – Used for drain holes, acoustics, body sealers & limited flow hood mastic.

For a list of OEM approvals and additional information on the best product for your application, please contact our customer service or engineering departments.