Textiles & Soft Goods

Textiles & Soft Goods

Zone Enterprises offers a wide range of adhesives for textile applications whether it be construction adhesives, waterproofing seams, or adding reinforcements and embellishments.

Benefits of using adhesives in textile applications

  • Maintain waterproofness by eliminating stitch holes
  • Maintain down-proofness by eliminating stitch holes
  • Lower profile seams reduce chaffing
  • Targeted compression
  • Reinforced seams for added strength and stability
  • Reflective embellishments for higher visibility
  • Decorative embellishments for branding

Textiles & Soft Goods Examples:

Adhesives are widely used in the soft goods industry to adhere dissimilar materials, to bond fabric to molded shapes, to maintain softness and flexibility, or to provide added rigidity.

Whatever your application, our team of experts is ready to advise on solutions to deliver optimal performance.