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Acoustic (NVH) Non-Wovens & Fibers
Zone Enterprises offers a wide selection of 3M Thinsulate and non-woven acoustical products. These materials are engineered to provide high performance acoustic absorption, are light weight and offer a cost competitive solution to other noise reducing materials. Numerous material weights are available to solve the broad spectrum of sound frequency problems. 3M Thinsulate and non-woven acoustic insulation is a cavity filling solution for automotive sound insulation applications.

Benefits Include:

  • Compressible, lightweight and conformable. Non-woven materials can be readily processed by conventional techniques such as die-cutting, heat sealing and ultrasonically bonding.
  • Can be constructed with a reinforced surface on one or both sides to meet both strength and aesthetic requirements.
  • High performance and low density making it ideal for mass reduction applications.

Automotive Applications Include: