Converting Capabilities

Extensive Converting Capabilities to Produce a Full Range of Engineered Component Parts


Zone Enterprises specializes in converting non-woven automotive grade materials that can be heat sealed with melted or compressed edges as well as engineered interior-sealed areas. Whether the material has no scrim, scrim one-side or scrim both sides, including uniquely constructed materials, Zone’s processing equipment can effectively cut and heat seal acoustic pads of all sizes effectively and efficiently.


Zone Enterprises has a multitude of rotary die-cutting equipment uniquely designed to process thin-guage materials at a high rate of speed. Whether a simple product construction with an adhesive backing or a highly specialized part made using multiple release liners, pull-tabs or isolated areas of adhesive, Zone’s rotary equipment and precision rotary tools can process a plethora of material types and part designs.


Zone Enterprises has a long-standing expertise in the lamination of various materials to pressure sensitive adhesives. Whether the construction requires a solvent acrylic, hot melt rubber, heat sealed or other adhesive type, Zone’s lamination equipment, with or without heat application, can create a destructive bond between two substrates creating a smooth, non-stretched laminated product delivered in either full roll width or slit to a specified narrow web size.


Zone Enterprises has a plethora of CNC-controlled die-cutting equipment. Regardless of the engineered part shape, Zone’s converting software can optimize the nesting pattern to ensure a maximum yield is achieved to minimize material cost and optimize processing costs. These automated die-cutting machines have 360 degree rotating cutting heads to ensure the most precise cut with minimal scrap and waste.


When looking for multiple parts cut and presented on a common liner, typically when processing thicker materials, Zone has kiss-cutting equipment that can precisely cut thru the material but just touch or “kiss” the paper release liner allowing for easy removal of parts, small or large, for efficient operator part installation.


Zone Enterprises carries a wide range of tape, adhesive and soft good products all of which can slit down to narrow web width. Zone’s slit rewinding equipment allows for jumbo rolls at full width to be slit to specific narrow web requirements and rewound to exact roll lengths based on client specifications.


Zone Enterprises utilizes die-less cutting systems for quick turnaround of prototype parts or small production runs. This “flash jet” technology utilizes cutting blades and other cutting tools driven by CNC software to efficiently cut parts on a vacuum bed without the need for tooling or stamping dies. In many cases, whether utilizing a CAD drawing or sample, parts can designed and turned around within 24 hours.


Zone Enterprises specializes in foam tape and adhesive tape precision slitting. Utilizing multiple lathe slitters, Zone can cut a variety of material types by spinning log rolls on a mandrel while computer-controlled blades make precision cuts to programmed slit widths. Based on the raw material type, rolls can be slit as narrow as 1/8″ wide and up to 24″ in diameter.


Zone Enterprises skiving equipment allows for easy splitting of expanded rubber and foam materials from full thickness buns, sheets or rolls into accurately skived thinner gauges. Utilizing this converting technology, Zone can reduce the amount of inventory needed at multiple thicknesses stocking raw material at full thickness to mitigate costs while effectively managing client thinner gauge requirements.


Zone Enterprises has a multitude of work stations that accurately slit and strip various materials to narrow widths from master rolls or sheets. Regardless of the finished part size, Zone can set up slitting blades to a variety of custom widths to efficiently process client requirements at high speed. Guillotine equipment can can be added in-line to cut slit parts to precision lengths during the slitting process.


Zone Enterprises has numerous high tonnage presses that can be used to cut large parts or multi-cavity tools across the entire width of the raw material. This cutting technology allows high speed processing of significant quantities of material either converted in single roll or multi-layer thicknesses. When high volume production is required, Zone has the beam press machinery to eat up material efficiently.


Zone Enterprises provides custom packaging solutions for finished parts and rolls. We offer shrink sealing, heat sealing, custom bagging and private labeling for various foam, rubber and tape products such as foam tapes, adhesive tapes, gaskets and more. If your application requires custom packaging, Zone Enterprises can help you with a unique solution tailored made for your company.