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We build great products, but we also build great teams. We treat each other like family and celebrate our achievements together, which makes Zone Enterprises a very rewarding place to build a career.

Our workplace culture at Zone encourages direct and respectful dialogue, because good teamwork and open lines of communication go hand in hand.

Zone’s success comes from being customer focused. Every team has the same priority – to understand our customers’ needs and meet their expectations. As teams and individuals we hold ourselves accountable, and we gain satisfaction from setting our goals high and doing our best to surpass them.

Find your place in a
dynamic environment.


Zone’s culture
can be summed up
in six themes.


Working daily at becoming the best version of oneself, personally and professionally. Customers deserve our best.


Reject the idea of just going thru the motions. Be “ALL IN” each day with purpose and intentionality.


Come prepared daily to help your fellow co-workers succeed. In doing so, client expectations will be exceeded.


When a mistake happens, own up to it. No one is perfect. If you say you will do something, always deliver.


Think outside of the box to solve problems. There is always a solution. Use your creativity to find a way to help clients win.


Life is about choices. Negativity has 10 letters, so does Positivity. Keep a smile on your face, laugh a little and keep a great attitude. Have fun! It will rub off on others.


Rise with the challenge.

Zone has a recent 30-year history of successful business growth. We want our employees to grow along with us, which is why we support them in the development of knowledge and skills that contribute to a rewarding career.

We offer clear pathways to a variety of leadership roles, and we encourage all our employees to explore the full range of opportunities within Zone to find the best fit for their strengths and aspirations.

Our expanding footprint in North America and beyond also opens the door to mobility among our different facilities. Where there’s growth, there’s always new opportunity.


Investing in our
employees is our
highest priority.

A strong company culture fosters continuous learning and development. When our employees feel supported and encouraged to enhance their skills, they become more engaged and productive. Zone has created training programs that align with our core values—such as “Pursue Excellence” and “Ingenuity Rules” – which empowers our team to innovate, adapt, and thrive.

Whether it be leadership and communicating training allowing our team members to be more effective at sharing ideas and influencing others, other technical training giving our employees the functional skills necessary to excel at their jobs, Zone has created a comprehensive learning program to foster growth and the development of each employee.


“Be smart, be wise, safety saves lives.”

Safety is paramount in any manufacturing environment. Zone’s positive culture prioritizes safety protocols, encourages vigilance, and ensures that everyone feels responsible for their well-being and that of their colleagues. By embodying values like “Be Accountable” and “Personally Invested,” Zone creates an environment where safety is not just a rule but a shared commitment.

The positive results of a safe working environment are critical to our success. It ensures our team’s well-being, physically and mentally. It prevents workplace disruption and improves our productivity and profitability. Ultimately, our strong safety culture enhances our reputation with clients, partners and potential employees who know that Zone puts its people first.



Our products are “critical” engineered component parts. Our customers have high expectations…and it’s our job to satisfy them. That’s why everyone at Zone cares deeply about quality. Our QA processes ensure that every product at every facility is consistently manufactured to the highest standards. Continuous monitoring and regular quality audits ensure we stay on track.

But quality isn’t just about systems. It’s also about people. Every team plays a crucial role in quality assurance. We give them the best processes, the best tools, and the best training, and they in turn make sure that every part they make is exceptional.

Meet The Owner

Scott Zone is the C.E.O. and owner of Zone Enterprises. As a third-generation business owner, he brings over 30 years of experience in running and growing a world-class manufacturing, sales, and distribution company. Scott’s focus is on hiring incredibly talented individuals and investing in cutting-edge technology to provide Zone’s customers with exceptional value, fantastic service, and in-depth industry expertise. Originally from St. Louis, MO, Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance from the University of Miami in Southern Florida, as well as a master’s degree in business management from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Scott’s commitment to customer service excellence, passion for the business and industry expertise have been the cornerstone to Zone Enterprises’ success.


Community in a workplace develops naturally when people are valued and share a sense of belonging and accomplishment. We do everything we can to nurture that spirit of community. Throughout the year we sponsor special events at all our facilities so we can appreciate each other and have fun together.

Zone’s sense of community reaches beyond own own walls. We have a charitable giving initiative that models’s 1-1-1 initiative whereby we strive to give away 1% of our profit, 1% of our time and 1% of our product annually. Together we support meaningful causes and give back to the communities where we live and work.

A Culture of Caring.