PVC Foam Tapes and Gaskets

PVC Foam Tapes and Gaskets

Zone Enterprises offers a full line of PVC foam tapes and die-cut parts in a broad range of densities and sizes. Available with or without a PSA backing, closed cell PVC foam can be used in a variety of applications offering a permanent seal against air, moisture, light and dust penetration when compressed 30% or more. PVC foam is manufactured for use in applications requiring positive seals on irregular surfaces or when flex and conformability to seal tight radius curves are critical requirements. PVC foam is easily compressible, flexible and resilient.

About Our PVC Foam:


  • LOW DENSITY (5# to 8#): Applications that require a very soft product with a very low force to compress.
  • MEDIUM DENSITY (11# to 15#): Applications that require a durable product with a combination of flexibility and conformability with strength and wear resistance.
  • HIGH DENSITY (25#): Designed for use in the most demanding foam sealing or cushioning applications. High internal strength resists pressure from outside forces and high hardness resists deterioration.

Common industries using PVC foam include: automotive, window and door, HVAC, construction, leisure and general industrial. Material specifications including UL, UV and automotive test results are available upon request.


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